Meet the Characters

Miss Money Honey TM


Miss Money Honey loves to teach children about many things, like money. She is a kind teacher, who loves to tell riddles. Riddle Diddle Dee, Riddle Diddle Do, and Miss Money Honey has a riddle that is made just for you! Do you know what it is?

Pinky, the Flying Piggy Bank TM


Pinky is a pink piggy bank with wings, and she likes to fly! Pinky keeps Miss Money Honey’s friends safe and secure. Pinky loves to fly around with Miss Money Honey. Do you have a safe place to keep your money?

Penny Lenny TM


Penny Lenny is a penny that is worth one cent. He sometimes is quiet, but he loves to tap his feet and snap his fingers when he sings his rapping song. Can you sing and tap your feet at the same time like Penny Lenny?

Tickle Nickel TM


Tickle Nickel is worth five cents. Being happy is Tickle Nickel’s thing, and making children laugh is his game! Tickle Nickel also likes to eat pickles and make funny faces. What’s the funniest face you can make?

Dancy Dime TM


Dancy Dime is worth ten cents. She loves to dance and twirl around on her tiny little feet! She can even twirl around while she is running or skipping! Can you twirl around like that?

Flipping Quarter TM


Flipping Quarter is worth 25 cents. He likes to be flipped high in the sky and to hear the sound, “heads or tails”, before he comes down fast, and hits the ground! Can you flip a quarter up high?

Dappy Dollar TM


Dappy Dollar is worth 100 cents. She is smart and bossy. And her favorite color is always green! What’s your favorite color?

More New Friends to Meet



Jimmy is in third grade and loves to go to school. He likes to learn about all kinds of things, especially about money! Everyone likes Jimmy! What’s your favorite thing to learn about?



Benny is in third grade, and Jimmy is his best friend. Benny is sometimes quiet, and he likes to spend his time looking for lost pennies on the ground. Have you ever found a lost penny?

Miss Honeybee TM


Miss Honeybee is Jimmy and Benny’s school teacher. She is very nice and smart. She loves teaching children about many things, including how to be kind to each other. Also one of her favorite things to teach children about, is money! Who is your favorite teacher?